Descriptions & Fees

Art Therapy Descriptions & Fees

Individual Sessions: $60 an Hour

One one one sessions between the Individual and Art Therapist. The sessions are an hour in length but could be arranged to be longer if needed. Individual art therapy sessions allows for the participant to have the entire space to engage more deeply in the process of the art making, and sharing. The session would begin with an opening, and then move into the art making and then the processing component of the art. The processing involves looking at the art that has been created, and exploring any feelings that have come up through the creating process. This allows for the individual to make associations, metaphors, and allow for unconscious material to arise. The Art therapists role is not to interpret the art that has been created, rather guide the participant in their own self discoveries.

Closed Groups: $40 for Two Hours

The closed group format is for held for individuals who want to attend a specific number of session, generally the group will run once a week. This type of therapy allows for a deeper sense of group relationship to be developed. All members will get to know each other and there will be no new attendants once the group has started. We will always start with an opening circle, to see how everyone is doing, then move into art making, and processing/sharing.

Theme Based Open Groups: $25- 30 for Two Hours

The theme based groups will run weekly. You must pre-register to attend. However, participants are not required to attend ongoing sessions. The groups will run for two hours in length. The session will start off with an opening circle, and move into the art making and then everyone will be given the opportunity to share what they have created. Everyone is open to sharing as much or as little as they like. No pressure!

Workshops ?$… Price Varies

Workshops will be offered, and will be an event that has a specific theme, or focus.