Workshops ?$… Price Varies

Workshops will be offered, and will be an event that has a specific theme, or focus.

If you have an interest in one or more of the workshops listed below I would love to hear from you and provide you with further details.

Healing the Grieving Heart- Re-Envisioning the Holidays (Past Event.. may be held next November through January.)

Fee: $30

The Holidays and New Year can be a hard few months for many reasons as we are surrounded by commercial messages, nostaligia, and insisting that we must remaining happy during this wonderful bliss season. However this season we may be grieving and feeling losses and it is important to be aware of these circumstances.

You may be suffering the loss of a loved one, you may be caring for a loved one who is suffering, tired of frustrated of the commercialism associated with the season, all losses including of jobs, home, changes in family circumstances (e.g divorce). The list is endless.

The intention of this group is to serve as a place of safety and coming together to support one another in what is to be considered the most joyful month of the year, when you may be feeling lonely and grieving. This time of year can result in experiencing of memories, family tensions, and emotions from every end of the spectrum.

Blue Lotus Art Therapy invites you to an evening away from the overwhelming feeling of the season, and to be nurtured in a safe space of acceptance, where you can discover what you need for this winter season. You will provided with the opportunity to share, write and create art. This will in hope allow you to connect with yourself and discover exactly what you need, how to provided yourself with self-care and stay grounded and move forward in your healing journey even in the midst of all the holiday expectations.

* All art materials included in workshop fee.
This course is pre-registration, and no refunds will be provided.

                                    Soul Collage – Create Your Own Deck of Cards

Join Art Therapist Nathania Rodman, Every First Saturday of the Month at 1:30pm to 3:30pm.

Fee: $25

This workshop will run for two hours. With no requirement for repeated attendance. Come when you feel called, or when your schedule allows! Arrive early, as space is limited to 6 participants.

A psychotherapist introduced Soul Collage as a form of healing for clients who felt they were not creative. Art Therapist have been using collage as a way of working for years. It offers a form of self-mastery, and expression through already constructed imagery.

This group will consist, of creating your own deck of cards. The cards are based on the Tarot framework. This allows you to explore your relationships with people, places, ourselves, and spiritual aspects of our lives. This reveals that the answers are inside you all along.

Each card will be unique to its creator, and over time, will become an incredible Personal Deck that can be read when in need of support and self- reflection.

*all art materials provided in workshop fee

                             Transform the Old into the New -Altered Book Art-

Join Art Therapist Nathania Rodman, in an Evening of creativity and transformation.

Fee: $25 (single participation)       $70 (to attend 3)          $90 (attend all)

This group runs for two hours, with no requirement for repeated attendance. Come when you feel called, or when your schedule allows! Arrive early, as space is limited to 6 participants per week.

Altered book making is a form of mixed media artwork that means changing the original books appearance into something different, changing, or altering its intended meaning. This is a wonderful metaphor of transformation. The representation of re-adapting what once was, and that it can always be changed again. It allows for the combination of art and words. You will explore mixed media, from creative writing, poetry, painting, collage and drawing.

If you have a book that you would like to bring to recycle and transform you are more then welcome to. There is no need or artistic or writing skills required, just an openness to share and a desire to create is encouraged.

*All art materials are provided in the workshop fee.

Self Discovery Workshop

Registration Required, Fee: $150 (6 sessions)

This workshop will run for six sessions weekly for 2 hours. Space is limited to 6 participants.

This workshop will offer different modes to exploring ones identity including’s: self- maps, self as trees, portraits, masks, and body tracing/maps etc.

The definition of identity is “the fact of being or what person or thing is” which is an interesting concept. So what you are and what you can be can be the same. Come explore who you are, and where you who you want to be. Through some guided directives that are focused on self-discovery.

We will start in a circle, and move into art making, and then come back to share, and process what has been created, as you feel comfortable.

*All art material is provided in the workshop fee

No artistic skills requires, simply just need to bring a journal, clothing that is comfortable and you can get messy and openness, and willingness to create and self reflect.

Wish Dolls Workshop 

Join Art Therapist Nathania Rodman, of a Morning or Evening of Wish Making.

Fee: $45

Your wish dolls will be a representation of a wish, dream, prayer, and/or intention that you have for your self, something that is important to you. The wish doll can be seen as a sacred item, or to keep in a place to remind you of your wish so you see it daily, or gifted to someone you love and care about, as the message that you are sending is to someone else.

Nathania will guide the group in the creation of your wish doll, encouraging participant to follow the path that is right for them. Each Doll will have its own unique meaning to each maker. There is no right or wrong way, everyone welcome.

All art materials will be provided, however if participants do have meaningful items that they wish to use, such as fabrics, jewels, charms, etc you are welcomed to bring those items.

* All art materials included in workshop fee.
This course is pre-registration, and no refunds will be provided.